I’m Bean (human name is Christina Fiorino). I began shooting in high school, around the time digital cameras were barely a thing and Instagram wouldn’t exist for about 10 more years. I got my start by shooting local shows and forcing friends to pose for me. I had used a few film cameras before getting my first digital camera for Christmas. It was a Toshiba point and shoot the size of a brick (I still have it, but it probably belongs in a museum). I began using said Toshiba as my weapon of choice. I had no idea how to retouch photos, so I truly believed my flat, poorly angled photos were the absolute shit (I still have some of those, although, not exactly museum worthy). I continued to shoot shows and gradually got better. I took a few photography classes in college, both film and digital, but eventually declared a major with no creativity at all. In my spare time, I mostly shot shows and promos for local bands. Around 2011, I took a very long break from photography to focus on working full time. In 2018 I decided to jump back into it. In 2019, I began offering branding and creative direction services alongside my photography.